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Welcome to graphics20in20! This community was created for others to make 20 icons in 20 days, hence the "20in20" (similar communties: anime20in20 & otp20in20). Almost all fandoms are allowed, except movies & books. This includes anime, manga, tv shows, video games, computer games, comic books, etc. You cannot pick the same fandom as someone else in the same round. You also cannot enter twice with the same fandom. For example, if you enter round 15 with "Ao no Exorcist", you cannot enter round 16 with the same fandom. Though, you may skip a round & then use that same fandom again.
- You must choose one fandom (explained above) to submit with.
- As stated above also, you cannot choose the same fandom as someone else.
- You cannot choose the same fandom twice, either(stated above too).
- Cannot enter twice in one round.
- Each icon must be NEW & made specifically for this challenge.
- You may post in your journal &/or community, or in the G20IN20 itself.
- Your 20in20 posts have to be kept PUBLIC until voting begins.
- Please vote without bias. You're voting for the icon(s) that fit the theme(s) the best.
- Animation is allowed.
- Absolutely no fanart, even with permission.
- The icons must be PG-PG13, basically nothing M [like sex or *certain* body parts showing in the icons].
- If you're unsure about anything, please feel free to ask!
Want to affiliate with this community? Comment here! But please be a 20in20 community of sorts (rumbles, LIMS, weekly icon challenges, etc. are allowed too!). Or maybe you'd like to help out as a banner maker? Comment here & we'd be more than glad to have you! I'd also love for suggestion of themes here!

Moderator is sunshineraven.
Banner makers are sunshineraven, elegantsatire, & miyasaikou.