I'd like to see how many people are still interested in the Team Tournament from before I vanished into thin air. If you signed up and are still interested in participating, please comment with your alias name. All comments are screened, too.


Hey there everybody! Here's your first reminder for R3 & so far we only have 1 entrant! If your name is crossed out below you have either already submitted your entry or have had to drop out because of certain reasons:
adrastea | ocvalkyrie | margerydaw_s2 | criminalqueen | takerzmuse | regis | jellyfishmisaki

You still have 13 days left to finish your icons! Icons are due September 30th. Good luck!

Also, we can ALMOST start the Team Tournament, but we still need 7 participants before we can start! PLEASE try to get more people to join the image team!! ♥